Tornado Outbreak of 1995

In Historical by Jeff Wilcox

A small but very strong tornado outbreak occurred on this date 15 years ago this evening. Numerous thunderstorms were moving through the western and central portions of the state early in the evening hours. The first tornado warnings were issued just before 7pm near Sioux City. Between 7-11pm, 26 more tornado warnings were issued (25 from the NWS in Des Moines) 9 tornadoes struck the date during this time, 3 of them were rated F4. A somewhat famous tape of the Stuart tornado that day is now on Youtube Here (You might remember it numerous tornado videos or specials of the past) Nobody was killed in the outbreak but 9 were injured. More information can be found on the link below.

If anyone has their recollections of this outbreak or any other mentioned on the blog. Email them to [email protected]