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Current Observation Forecasted Crest
Location Time Height Flood O/U Flow Height O/U
Beaver Creek (Central IA), Grimes (GRMI4) 11:15 PM 2.52ft 14ft -11.48ft
Beaver Creek (Northeast IA), New Hartford (NHRI4) 11:00 PM 0.84ft 13ft -11.66ft 0.01kfs
Big Bear Creek, Ladora (LADI4) 11:00 PM 10.26ft 20ft -9.74ft
Big Sioux River, Akron (AKRI4) 12:00 AM 3.62ft 16ft -12.38ft 0.05kfs
Big Sioux River, Hawarden (HWDI4) 11:30 PM 10.69ft 21ft -9.81ft 0.15kfs
Big Sioux River, Sioux City (SXCI4) 11:30 PM 12.56ft 32ft -19.44ft 0.84kfs
Black Hawk Creek (Northeast IA), Hudson (HUDI4) 10:45 PM 4.19ft 14ft -9.81ft 0.01kfs
Boone River (North Central IA), Webster City (WBCI4) 11:00 PM 1.54ft 14ft -12.46ft
Boyer River, Logan (LGNI4) 12:00 AM 2.52ft 21ft -18.48ft
Boyer River, Missouri Valley (MSVI4) 11:00 PM 998.81ft 1021ft -22.19ft
Brockcamp Creek, Festina (FSTI4) 11:00 PM 989.18ft 997ft -7.32ft
Burr Oak Creek, Perkins (BOCI4) 11:15 PM 9.27ft 16ft -6.73ft
Buttrick Creek (Central IA), Grand Junction (GJTI4) 11:15 PM 4.49ft 13ft -8.51ft 0.17kfs
Cedar Creek (South Central IA), Bussey (BSSI4) 11:15 PM 4.14ft 25ft -20.86ft
Cedar River, Cedar Bluff (CEBI4) 11:00 PM 4.09ft 16ft -11.91ft 0.94kfs
Cedar River, Cedar Falls (CEDI4) 10:45 PM 78.50ft 89ft -10.50ft 0.53kfs
Cedar River, Cedar Rapids (CIDI4) 12:00 AM 2.93ft 12ft -9.07ft 0.68kfs
Cedar River, Charles City (CCYI4) 11:30 PM 2.01ft 12ft -9.99ft 0.15kfs
Cedar River, Conesville (CNEI4) 12:00 AM 4.86ft 13ft -8.14ft 0.99kfs
Cedar River, Janesville (JANI4) 11:45 PM 1.09ft 13ft -11.91ft 0.30kfs
Cedar River, Otranto (OTRI4) 11:00 PM 1129.80ft 1141ft -11.20ft
Cedar River, Palo (PLOI4) 11:15 PM 1.66ft 13ft -10.84ft 0.88kfs
Cedar River, St. Ansgar (AGRI4) 11:00 PM 1096.38ft 1104ft -7.62ft
Cedar River, Vinton (VINI4) 11:15 PM 1.45ft 15ft -13.55ft 0.83kfs
Cedar River, Waterloo (ALOI4) 11:00 PM 5.19ft 13ft -7.81ft 0.63kfs
Cedar River, Waverly (WVLI4) 11:15 PM 4.99ft 12ft -7.01ft 1.67kfs
Chariton River, Chariton (CHTI4) 11:45 PM 3.43ft 20ft -16.07ft
Chariton River, Moulton (MOLI4) 11:45 PM 18.15ft 36ft -17.85ft 0.02kfs
Clear Creek (IA), Coralville (CRAI4) 12:00 AM 0.48ft 11ft -10.52ft
Clear Creek (IA), Oxford (OXFI4) 11:45 PM 1.25ft 10ft -8.75ft
Des Moines River, Des Moines 2nd Ave (DMOI4) 11:15 PM 14.72ft 23ft -8.28ft 0.23kfs
Des Moines River, Des Moines SE 6th St (DESI4) 11:00 PM 8.79ft 24ft -15.21ft 0.30kfs
Des Moines River, Eddyville (EDYI4) 11:15 PM 46.81ft 63ft -16.19ft 0.32kfs
Des Moines River, Fort Dodge (FODI4) 11:00 PM 3.02ft 11ft -7.48ft 0.10kfs
Des Moines River, Keosauqua (KEQI4) 11:15 PM 9.60ft 22ft -12.40ft 0.38kfs
Des Moines River, Ottumwa (OTMI4) 11:50 PM 0.85ft 12ft -10.65ft 0.36kfs
Des Moines River, Stratford (STRI4) 11:00 PM 4.19ft 19ft -14.81ft 0.15kfs
Des Moines River, Tracy (TRCI4) 11:15 PM 2.05ft 14ft -11.95ft 0.38kfs
Duck Creek, Davenport Kimberly Rd (DKII4) 11:45 PM 3.28ft 12ft -8.72ft
East Branch West Nishnabotna River, Avoca (EAVI4) 11:00 PM 1118.05ft 1136ft -17.95ft
East Fork 102 River, Bedford (BDFI4) 10:45 PM 10.43ft 24ft -13.57ft
East Fork Des Moines River, Algona (AGNI4) 11:15 PM 6.87ft 17ft -10.13ft 0.02kfs
East Fork Des Moines River, Dakota City (DAKI4) 11:00 PM 7.46ft 20ft -12.54ft 0.03kfs
East Nishnabotna River, Atlantic (ATCI4) 11:00 PM 2.30ft 19ft -16.70ft 0.08kfs
East Nishnabotna River, Coburg (COBI4) 11:00 PM 984.73ft 998ft -12.77ft
East Nishnabotna River, Elliott (ELTI4) 11:00 PM 1047.63ft 1065ft -17.77ft
East Nishnabotna River, Red Oak (RDOI4) 12:00 AM 4.86ft 18ft -13.14ft 0.04kfs
East Nishnabotna River, Riverton (EISI4) 11:00 PM 916.02ft 930ft -13.48ft
East Nodaway River, Highway 2 near Clarinda (ENOI4) 11:45 PM 8.90ft 27ft -17.60ft
East Tarkio Creek, Stanton (ETRI4) 11:30 PM 1.32ft 12ft -10.18ft
Elliott Creek, Lawton (ECLI4) 11:15 PM 71.95ft 80ft -8.05ft
English River, Kalona (KALI4) 11:00 PM 3.02ft 14ft -10.98ft 0.02kfs
English River, Parnell (NEPI4) 11:00 PM 13.04ft 24ft -10.96ft
Floyd River, Alton (ALTI4) 12:00 AM 5.04ft 12ft -6.96ft
Floyd River, James (JMEI4) 12:00 AM 7.87ft 26ft -18.13ft 0.02kfs
Floyd River, Le Mars (LMRI4) 11:00 PM 8.82ft 20ft -11.18ft 0.05kfs
Floyd River, Sheldon (SHLI4) 11:00 PM 4.63ft 12ft -7.37ft 0.02kfs
Floyd River, Struble (STUI4) 11:00 PM 3.58ft 14ft -10.42ft 0.02kfs
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), Ankeny NE 86th Ave (ANKI4) 11:15 PM 1.30ft 11ft -9.70ft
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), Des Moines Easton Blvd (DFMI4) 11:30 PM 3.22ft 13ft -9.28ft
Indian Creek, Council Bluffs (ICBI4) 11:00 PM 1031.44ft 1046ft -14.06ft
Indian Creek, Emerson (EMEI4) 11:00 PM 1038.31ft 1052ft -13.39ft
Indian Creek, Emerson (EMNI4) 11:00 PM 1058.31ft 1069ft -10.69ft
Iowa River, Belle Plaine (BPLI4) 12:00 AM 4.75ft 15ft -10.25ft 0.10kfs
Iowa River, Columbus Jct (CJTI4) 11:00 PM 8.66ft 23ft -14.34ft 1.39kfs
Iowa River, Coralville Dam (CRVI4) 12:00 AM 682.94ft 712ft -29.06ft
Iowa River, Iowa City (IOWI4) 12:00 AM 8.94ft 24ft -14.56ft 0.18kfs
Iowa River, Lone Tree (Tri-County Bridge) (LNTI4) 11:00 PM 3.43ft 16ft -12.57ft 0.15kfs
Iowa River, Marengo (MROI4) 12:00 AM 4.99ft 15ft -10.01ft 0.09kfs
Iowa River, Marshalltown (MIWI4) 11:00 PM 9.28ft 19ft -9.72ft 0.28kfs
Iowa River, Rowan (ROWI4) 11:00 PM 2.97ft 13ft -9.53ft 0.02kfs
Iowa River, Steamboat Rock (STBI4) 11:00 PM 5.42ft 11ft -5.58ft 0.06kfs
Iowa River, Tama Hwy E49 (TMAI4) 11:00 PM 0.61ft 13ft -11.89ft 0.08kfs
Iowa River, Wapello (WAPI4) 12:00 AM 10.05ft 21ft -10.95ft 1.35kfs
Ioway Creek, Ames Lincoln Way (AMWI4) 11:00 PM 0.58ft 10ft -9.42ft
Keg Creek, Mineola (MKCI4) 11:00 PM 997.91ft 1014ft -16.09ft
Little Cedar River, Ionia (IONI4) 11:45 PM 2.82ft 10ft -7.18ft 0.02kfs
Little Cedar River, Nashua (NUAI4) 11:00 PM 946.82ft 955ft -7.68ft
Little Cedar River, Orchard 5E (LCOI4) 11:00 PM 1072.65ft 1082ft -8.85ft
Little Floyd River, Sanborn (LFSI4) 11:15 PM 81.97ft 87ft -5.03ft
Little Rock River, George (LRGI4) 11:00 PM 1300.72ft 1312ft -10.78ft
Little Sioux River, Cherokee (CHKI4) 11:00 PM 5.35ft 17ft -11.65ft 0.12kfs
Little Sioux River, Correctionville (CRRI4) 12:00 AM 4.16ft 19ft -14.84ft 0.10kfs
Little Sioux River, Linn Grove (LNNI4) 12:00 AM 4.69ft 18ft -13.31ft 0.05kfs
Little Sioux River, Milford (MIFI4) 11:00 PM 7.18ft 12ft -4.82ft 0.04kfs
Little Sioux River, Montgomery (MLSI4) 11:00 PM 1385.62ft 1391ft -5.38ft
Little Sioux River, Spencer (SPWI4) 11:00 PM 4.27ft 10ft -5.73ft 0.10kfs
Little Sioux River, Spencer / Highway 18 (SPII4) 11:00 PM 1316.12ft 1322ft -5.88ft
Little Sioux River, Turin (TURI4) 12:00 AM 6.28ft 25ft -18.72ft 0.21kfs
Maple River, Ida Grove (MIGI4) 11:00 PM 1197.99ft 1208ft -10.01ft
Maple River, Mapleton (MAPI4) 12:00 AM 3.85ft 21ft -17.15ft
Maquoketa River, Manchester Hwy 20 (MCHI4) 11:15 PM 3.70ft 14ft -10.30ft 0.07kfs
Maquoketa River, Maquoketa (MAQI4) 11:15 PM 9.90ft 24ft -14.10ft 0.42kfs
Middle Raccoon River (IA), Panora (PANI4) 11:15 PM 3.87ft 11ft -7.13ft 0.02kfs
Middle River (Central IA), Indianola (IDNI4) 11:15 PM 6.57ft 23ft -16.43ft 0.01kfs
Milford Creek, Milford (OBJI4) 11:45 PM 3.50ft 7ft -3.00ft
Mill Creek (NW IA), Larrabee (LARI4) 11:00 PM 1231.19ft 1241ft -9.81ft
Mississippi River, Bellevue (BLVI4) 11:30 PM 5.18ft 17ft -11.82ft 36.20kfs
Mississippi River, Burlington (BRLI4) 11:00 PM 7.64ft 15ft -7.36ft 33.50kfs
Mississippi River, Camanche (CMMI4) 11:30 PM 9.55ft 17ft -7.45ft 48.40kfs
Mississippi River, Dubuque (LD11) (DLDI4) 11:30 PM 5.27ft 16ft -10.73ft 35.40kfs
Mississippi River, Dubuque (Railroad Bridge) (DBQI4) 11:30 PM 7.86ft 17ft -9.14ft 32.10kfs
Mississippi River, Guttenberg (GTTI4) 11:00 PM 5.03ft 15ft -9.97ft 33.00kfs
Mississippi River, Keokuk (EOKI4) 11:40 PM 3.64ft 16ft -12.36ft 45.40kfs
Mississippi River, Lansing (LNSI4) 11:15 PM 8.21ft 17ft -8.79ft 40.30kfs
Mississippi River, LeClaire (LECI4) 11:30 PM 4.53ft 11ft -6.47ft 27.80kfs
Mississippi River, McGregor (MCGI4) 10:45 PM 7.30ft 16ft -8.70ft 15.80kfs
Mississippi River, Muscatine (MUSI4) 11:15 PM 6.49ft 16ft -9.51ft 44.90kfs
Monona-Harrison Ditch, Turin (TRNI4) 12:00 AM 4.71ft 23ft -18.29ft 0.05kfs
Mosquito Creek, Council Bluffs (MCBI4) 11:00 PM 990.29ft 1013ft -22.71ft
Mosquito Creek, Neola (MNEI4) 11:00 PM 1076.68ft 1099ft -21.82ft
Mud Creek (NW IA), Lester (LMCI4) 11:00 PM 1365.58ft 1375ft -9.42ft
Mud Creek, Henderson (MUDI4) 11:00 PM 1025.91ft 1036ft -10.49ft
Nishnabotna River, Hamburg (HMBI4) 12:00 AM 6.94ft 25ft -18.06ft
Nodaway River, Clarinda (ICLI4) 11:15 PM 10.47ft 23ft -12.53ft 0.03kfs
North Fork Maquoketa River, Fulton (FLNI4) 11:00 PM 2.48ft 12ft -9.52ft 0.18kfs
North Raccoon River (IA), Jefferson (EFWI4) 11:15 PM 4.47ft 19ft -14.53ft 0.04kfs
North Raccoon River (IA), Perry (PROI4) 11:15 PM 2.46ft 15ft -12.54ft
North River (Central IA), Norwalk (NRWI4) 11:15 PM 4.43ft 22ft -17.57ft 0.01kfs
North Skunk River, Sigourney (SIGI4) 11:30 PM 3.27ft 16ft -12.73ft 0.02kfs
Ocheyedan River, Everly (OREI4) 11:00 PM 1355.77ft 1364ft -8.23ft
Ocheyedan River, May City (MAYI4) 11:00 PM 1420.81ft 1430ft -9.19ft
Ocheyedan River, Spencer (SPOI4) 11:45 PM 1.50ft 8ft -6.50ft 0.02kfs
Old Mans Creek, Iowa City (IOCI4) 12:00 AM 1.24ft 12ft -10.76ft
Perry Creek, Hinton (PCHI4) 11:15 PM 15.12ft 28ft -12.88ft
Perry Creek, Millnerville (PCMI4) 11:45 PM 0.62ft 8ft -7.38ft
Perry Creek, Sioux City (SIOI4) 12:00 AM 6.32ft 24ft -17.68ft
Raccoon River (Central IA), Des Moines Fleur Dr (DEMI4) 10:45 PM 2.47ft 12ft -9.53ft 0.10kfs
Raccoon River (Central IA), Des Moines IA 28 (DMWI4) 11:15 PM 19.42ft 36ft -16.58ft 0.14kfs
Raccoon River (Central IA), Van Meter (VNMI4) 11:00 PM 2.03ft 17ft -14.97ft 0.11kfs
Rapid Creek (IA), Iowa City (IRCI4) 11:00 PM 3.24ft 9ft -5.76ft
Roberts Creek, Elkader (ERCI4) 11:00 PM 748.22ft 755ft -6.28ft
Rock River, Rock Rapids (RAPI4) 11:15 PM 6.66ft 13ft -6.34ft 0.05kfs
Rock River, Rock Valley (RKVI4) 12:00 AM 4.27ft 16ft -11.73ft 0.03kfs
Rogers Creek, Fort Atkinson (FTAI4) 11:00 PM 1007.56ft 1015ft -6.94ft
Salt Creek (East Central IA), Elberon (EBRI4) 11:00 PM 4.98ft 16ft -11.02ft
Shell Rock River (Northeast IA), Shell Rock (SHRI4) 10:45 PM 7.44ft 12ft -4.56ft 0.15kfs
Silver Creek, Silver City (SILI4) 11:00 PM 1004.86ft 1021ft -15.64ft
Skunk River, Augusta (AGSI4) 11:45 PM 0.73ft 15ft -14.27ft 0.07kfs
Snake Creek, Yorktown (SKYI4) 11:45 PM 79.08ft 93ft -13.42ft
Soldier River, Pisgah (PSGI4) 12:00 AM 1.90ft 28ft -26.10ft
South Branch Ralston Creek, Iowa City (IACI4) 11:45 PM 1.38ft 7ft -5.62ft
South Fork Chariton River, Promise City (PRMI4) 11:45 PM 2.91ft 25ft -22.09ft
South Raccoon River (IA), Redfield (REDI4) 10:45 PM 2.13ft 20ft -17.87ft 0.05kfs
South River (South Central IA), Ackworth (AKWI4) 11:15 PM 5.05ft 29ft -23.95ft 0.01kfs
South Skunk River, Ames US 30 (AESI4) 11:00 PM 8.89ft 22ft -12.61ft
South Skunk River, Ames W Riverside Rd (AMEI4) 11:00 PM 2.49ft 13ft -10.01ft
South Skunk River, Colfax (CFXI4) 10:45 PM 6.60ft 18ft -11.40ft 0.03kfs
South Skunk River, Oskaloosa (OOAI4) 11:30 PM 7.05ft 25ft -17.45ft 0.05kfs
Spirit Lake, Orleans (SLKI4) 11:15 PM 13.27ft 16ft -2.73ft
Tarkio River, Elliot (TRKI4) 11:45 PM 2.68ft 11ft -8.32ft
Thompson River (IA/MO), Davis City (DVSI4) 11:00 PM 1.04ft 12ft -10.96ft 0.05kfs
Timber Creek (Central IA), Marshalltown (MTWI4) 11:00 PM 2.41ft 14ft -11.59ft 0.04kfs
Turkey River, Clermont (CMTI4) 11:00 PM 816.60ft 826ft -9.40ft
Turkey River, Cresco (TCGI4) 11:00 PM 1121.15ft 1129ft -7.35ft
Turkey River, Eldorado (EDRI4) 11:45 PM 5.23ft 13ft -7.77ft 0.11kfs
Turkey River, Elkader (EKDI4) 11:45 PM 5.26ft 12ft -6.74ft 0.18kfs
Turkey River, Garber (GRBI4) 11:15 PM 5.65ft 17ft -11.35ft 0.27kfs
Turkey River, Spillville (SPLI4) 11:30 PM 1.80ft 9ft -7.20ft 0.03kfs
Upper Iowa River, Bluffton (BLFI4) 11:45 PM 3.19ft 14ft -10.81ft 0.14kfs
Upper Iowa River, Decorah (DEHI4) 11:45 PM 1.51ft 12ft -10.49ft 0.09kfs
Upper Iowa River, Decorah 3NW (UIDI4) 11:00 PM 886.31ft 896ft -9.69ft
Upper Iowa River, Dorchester (DCHI4) 11:00 PM 6.81ft 14ft -7.19ft 0.18kfs
Upper Iowa River, Kendallville (KDVI4) 12:00 AM 3.42ft 11ft -7.58ft
Upper Iowa River, Lime Springs (LSPI4) 12:00 AM 4.12ft 11ft -6.88ft
Volga River, Littleport (VLPI4) 11:45 PM 3.98ft 12ft -8.02ft 0.06kfs
Volga River, Wadena (WADI4) 11:00 PM 846.17ft 852ft -5.83ft
Walnut Creek (Central IA), Clive I-80/35 (CLVI4) 12:04 AM 3.41ft 9ft -5.59ft 0.36kfs
Walnut Creek (Central IA), Des Moines 63rd St (DOSI4) 10:45 PM 2.68ft 14ft -11.32ft
Walnut Creek (Central IA), Waukee 156th St (WCBI4) 12:27 PM 1.61ft 9ft -7.39ft 0.07kfs
Walnut Creek (East Central IA), Hartwick (HRTI4) 11:00 PM 1.09ft 14ft -12.91ft
Wapsipinicon River, Anamosa Shaw Rd (ANSI4) 11:15 PM 4.23ft 15ft -10.27ft 0.10kfs
Wapsipinicon River, DeWitt (DEWI4) 11:30 PM 4.70ft 11ft -6.30ft 0.28kfs
Wapsipinicon River, Independence (IDPI4) 11:30 PM 4.51ft 12ft -7.49ft 0.12kfs
Wapsipinicon River, Tripoli (TPLI4) 11:45 PM 6.56ft 15ft -8.44ft 0.03kfs
Waterloo Creek, Dorchester (DWCI4) 11:00 PM 6.96ft 10ft -3.04ft
Waterman Creek, Sutherland (SWCI4) 5:00 PM 1231.26ft 1235ft -3.74ft
West Fork Cedar River, Finchford (FNHI4) 10:45 PM 5.36ft 17ft -11.64ft 0.03kfs
West Fork Des Moines River, Estherville (ESVI4) 11:00 PM 1.84ft 10ft -8.16ft 0.03kfs
West Fork Des Moines River, Humboldt (HBTI4) 11:15 PM 2.89ft 10ft -7.11ft 0.06kfs
West Fork Ditch, Hornick (HOKI4) 12:00 AM 5.63ft 20ft -14.37ft
West Fork Ditch, Moville (WFMI4) 11:00 PM 1128.47ft 1145ft -16.53ft
West Fork Little Sioux River, Lake Park (LPRI4) 11:00 PM 1390.95ft 1396ft -5.05ft
West Nishnabotna River, Avoca (WAVI4) 11:00 PM 1112.97ft 1128ft -15.03ft
West Nishnabotna River, Hancock (HNKI4) 12:00 AM 0.79ft 14ft -13.21ft 0.05kfs
West Nishnabotna River, Harlan (HRNI4) 11:00 PM 1168.36ft 1184ft -15.94ft
West Nishnabotna River, Henderson (HWNI4) 10:45 PM 1016.36ft 1027ft -10.44ft
West Nishnabotna River, Irwin (IWNI4) 10:45 PM 1235.47ft 1255ft -19.63ft
West Nishnabotna River, Randolph (RDPI4) 12:00 AM 6.83ft 19ft -12.17ft 0.05kfs
West Nishnabotna River, Riverton (WISI4) 11:00 PM 911.18ft 924ft -12.82ft
White Breast Creek (Southern IA), Melcher-Dallas (DLLI4) 11:15 PM 6.26ft 23ft -16.74ft 0.01kfs
Willow Creek (NW IA), Oyens (OYEI4) 11:00 PM 1254.60ft 1266ft -11.40ft
Willow Creek (North Central IA), Cornell (CWCI4) 11:15 PM 81.64ft 90ft -8.36ft
Willow Creek, Soldier (WCSI4) 11:00 PM 64.73ft 82ft -16.77ft
Winnebago River (Northern IA), Mason City (MCWI4) 11:30 PM 4.31ft 10ft -5.69ft 0.06kfs
Wolf Creek (East Central IA), Dysart (DYSI4) 11:15 PM 2.08ft 12ft -9.92ft 0.01kfs
Bear Creek (South Central IA), Ottumwa US 34 (BCOI4) 11:45 PM 79.07ft
Beaver Creek (Central IA), Woodward (WWDI4) 11:15 PM 10.27ft
Big Creek (IA), Mt Pleasant (MBCI4) 11:45 PM 2.88ft
Big Creek Lake (Central IA), Polk City (PLKI4) 11:15 PM 19.01ft
Big Creek Ponding Area (Central IA), Polk City (BIGI4) 11:15 PM 36.49ft
Black Hawk Lake (Western IA), Lake View (BHLI4) 11:15 PM 6.08ft
Bluff Creek (Central IA), Pilot Mound (PMDI4) 11:15 PM 79.36ft
Boone River (North Central IA), Goldfield (GLDI4) 11:15 PM 6.75ft
Brushy Fork Creek (Western IA), Templeton (TPTI4) 11:00 PM 66.62ft
Cedar Creek (IA), Oakland Mills (OKMI4) 11:30 PM 2.55ft
Cedar River, Orchard (CROI4) 7:37 PM
Cedar River, Osage (OSGI4) 11:00 PM 1065.28ft
Chariton River, Rathbun Reservoir (RADI4) 11:45 PM 903.21ft 926ft -22.79ft 0.04kfs
Chariton River, Rathbun Tail (RABI4) 11:00 PM 2.13ft
Clear Lake (North Central IA), Clear Lake (CLKI4) 11:00 PM 3.62ft
Cooper Creek (South Central IA), Centerville (CENI4) 11:30 PM 7.84ft
Deep River (IA), Deep River (DEPI4) 11:15 PM 66.31ft
Deer Creek (East Central IA), Toledo (TOLI4) 10:00 PM 3.57ft
Des Moines River, Red Rock Reservoir (PELI4) 11:15 PM 741.64ft 780ft -38.36ft 0.01kfs
Des Moines River, Red Rock Tail (RRDI4) 11:15 PM 82.54ft
Des Moines River, Saylorville Reservoir (SAYI4) 11:00 PM 835.36ft 884ft -48.64ft 0.01kfs
Des Moines River, Saylorville Tail (SDTI4) 11:00 PM 1.87ft 0.23kfs
Des Moines River, Swan (SWNI4) 11:15 PM 42.28ft 0.33kfs
English Creek (South Central IA), Knoxville (KECI4) 11:15 PM 7.96ft 21ft -13.04ft
Floyd River, Merrill (MRLI4) 11:00 PM -0.57ft 12ft -12.57ft
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), Ankeny US 69 (AKNI4) 7:37 PM
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), IFC--Altoona NE 54th Ave (ALFI4) 11:00 PM 822.69ft
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), IFC--Ankeny NE 47th St (ANFI4) 11:00 PM 906.60ft
Fourmile Creek (Central IA), IFC--Pleasant Hill Vandalia Rd (PLHI4) 11:00 PM 768.28ft
Fox River (IA/MO), Bloomfield (BMFI4) 7:37 PM
Indian Creek (Central IA), Mingo (MGOI4) 11:15 PM 2.92ft 0.01kfs
Iowa River, Oakville (OKVI4) 12:00 AM -0.16ft 11ft -11.16ft
Iowa River, Tama US 63 (TAMI4) 12:00 AM 6.29ft 20ft -13.71ft 0.07kfs
Ioway Creek, IFC--Ames Stange Rd (AMQI4) 11:00 PM 887.55ft
Ioway Creek, IFC--Gilbert 160th St (BSQI4) 11:00 AM 929.39ft
Ioway Creek, IFC--Story City 120th St (BSCI4) 10:00 PM 969.96ft
Keigley Branch (Central IA), Story City (STCI4) 11:30 PM 81.92ft
Lake Odessa, Schafer Landing - Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge (ODSI4) 11:45 PM 533.85ft
Lake Panorama (Central IA), Panora (PNLI4) 11:15 PM 44.98ft
Little Walnut Creek (Central IA), IFC--Clive 156th St (WCWI4) 11:00 PM 897.65ft
Lizard Creek (Northern IA), Fort Dodge (FLZI4) 11:15 PM 4.35ft 0.01kfs
Middle Raccoon River (IA), Bayard (BAYI4) 11:15 PM 8.28ft 0.02kfs
Middle Raccoon River Tributary (IA), Carroll (CLLI4) 11:15 PM 14.58ft
Mississippi River, Fairport (FAII4) 11:30 PM 10.32ft
Mississippi River, Fort Madison (FMDI4) 11:30 PM 525.12ft 23.00kfs
Mississippi River, Waupeton (Pool 11) (WPNI4) 11:45 PM 10.21ft 93.50kfs
Mud Lake Drainage Ditch 71 (North Central IA), Jewell (JEWI4) 11:15 PM 80.15ft
Muddy Creek (IA), Coralville (CMCI4) 11:00 PM 2.20ft
North Raccoon River (IA), Lanesboro (LKCI4) 11:15 PM 7.05ft
North Raccoon River (IA), Sac City (SCRI4) 11:15 PM 6.83ft 0.02kfs
North Walnut Creek (Central IA), IFC--Urbandale Hickman Rd (URBI4) 11:00 PM 833.60ft
North Walnut Creek (Central IA), IFC--Windsor Heights College Dr (WNDI4) 11:00 PM 825.34ft
North Walnut Creek (Central IA), Urbandale 92nd Dr (UBNI4) 11:13 PM 3.19ft
Pilot Creek (Central IA), Rolfe (RLFI4) 11:15 PM 1.39ft
Raccoon River (Central IA), West Des Moines (WDMI4) 10:45 PM 25.72ft 0.16kfs
Richland Creek (East Central IA), Haven (HAVI4) 11:00 PM 10.07ft
Shell Rock River (Northeast IA), IFC--Marble Rock 290th St (MRBI4) 11:00 PM 948.53ft
Shell Rock River (Northeast IA), IFC--Rockford Foothill Ave (RKFI4) 11:00 PM 968.92ft
South Fork Iowa River, Blairsburg (BLII4) 11:00 PM 3.61ft
South Fork Iowa River, New Providence (NPVI4) 10:45 PM 2.35ft 0.06kfs
South Skunk River, Ames Hwy E18 (ESKI4) 11:00 PM 1.09ft 0.10kfs
South Skunk River, Ames McFarland Park (MCPI4) 8:00 AM 0.71ft 0.01kfs
South Skunk River, IFC--Ames E 13th St (AMRI4) 11:00 PM 876.93ft
South Skunk River, IFC--Randall Hwy R61 (RNSI4) 11:00 PM 974.13ft
Spring Creek (North Central IA), Mason City US 65 (MASI4) 11:45 PM 80.92ft 0.02kfs
Stein Creek (Central IA), Clutier (CLTI4) 11:30 PM 65.98ft
Turkey River, Fort Atkinson (FTKI4) 11:00 PM 998.98ft
Turkey River, Osterdock (OTUI4) 3:00 PM 623.51ft
Turkey River, Spillville (SPVI4) 11:00 PM 1059.20ft
Upper Iowa River, Freeport (FREI4) 11:00 PM 826.90ft
Walnut Creek (Central IA), IFC--Clive NW 100th St (CLOI4) 11:00 PM 839.72ft
Walnut Creek (Central IA), IFC--Clive NW 128th St (CWAI4) 11:00 PM 861.12ft
Walnut Creek (Central IA), Urbandale 142nd St (UBWI4) 6:17 PM 1.50ft
West Fork Des Moines River, Emmetsburg (EMTI4) 11:15 PM -0.08ft 11ft -11.08ft
West Main Drainage Ditch 1 & 2 (North Central IA), Britt (BTDI4) 11:15 PM 74.84ft
West Nodaway River, Massena IA 148 (MAAI4) 11:15 PM 65.89ft
White Fox Creek, Clarion (CWFI4) 10:45 PM 85.49ft
Willow Creek (North Central IA), Mason City US 18 Bus (MWCI4) 10:45 PM 85.43ft
Wonder Creek, Spillville (WONI4) 11:00 PM 1058.62ft