Tornado safety tips
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  • Lowest floor of household
    • Interior room, away from windows
    • As much between the outside and you
  • Mobile homes: evacuate
    • Most dangerous place to be during a tornado!
    • Find a designated shelter
  • Outside? Seek shelter
    • Camping, driving, outside: Seek shelter now!
    • Last resort: lie flat in ditch. Do not shelter under bridges!


Severe weather safety tips
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  • Go indoors immediately
    • Best place: away from windows on lowest floor of building
  • Stay tuned for updates
    • Receive updates from NOAA weather radio, local media, etc.
  • Mobile homes: seek safer spot
    • Mobile homes are dangerous to shelter in during severe weather
  • Outside: get to sturdy building
    • This includes boaters - get inside, lightning kills!


Flash flooding safety tips
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  • Move to higher ground
    • Be prepared beforehand should evacuations become necessary
  • Turn around, don't drown
    • Avoid water-covered roadways
  • >Do not walk in water
    • Six inches of water can sweep a person away; even less for kids
  • Be especially cautious at night
    • Obey all barricades - they are there for your protection


Winter weather safety tips
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  • Be informed - know the forecast
    • Be prepared to make changes; forecasts are subject to change
  • Don't travel unless necessary
    • If you must travel, have adequate fuel and a winter survival kit
  • Prepare before the storm
    • Ensure adequacy of food, water, medical supplies, and other essentials
  • Check heating fuel - bundle up
    • Be careful if you must use an alternative heating source


Cold weather safety tips
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  • Avoid outdoor exposure
    • Frostbite can occur in 10 minutes - make sure to bundle up with warm layers
  • Check and protect pipes
    • Prolonged extreme cold can cause pipes to freeze and explode
  • Don't forget about pets
    • Bring your pets inside or in warm shelter, clean snow off of paws
  • Check neighbors, elderly, etc.
    • Share travel plans with others and offer to assist the elderly


Excessive heat safety tips
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  • Stay indoors when possible
    • Run air-conditioning or fans and keep heat down
  • Wear loose, light-fit clothing
    • Make sure pets have plenty of shade and water
  • Drink lots of water
    • Avoid alcohol - lowers tolerance for heat and speeds up dehydration
  • Don't leave pets/kids in cars
    • Cars will rapidly heat up; cracking windows does not help


Dense fog safety tips
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  • Slow down!
    • Leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
  • Use low-beam or fog lights
    • Do not use high-beam/"brights" - will cause glare
  • Ensure you're in the right lane
    • Follow the lines on the road with your eyes
  • Allow plenty of time
    • Leave early and slow down - do not rush to your destination