May Tornadoes

In Historical by Jeff Wilcox

Several Historic tornadoes occurred in the state of Iowa in the month of May. The EF5 in Parkersburg and New Hartford on the 25th in 2008. The F5’s in Charles City and Oelwein on the 15th in 1968. The F3 Washington Tornado on the 15th 1998. The F3 tornado that skirted Palo (which was devestated in the Flood of 2008) on the 21st in 2004. The outbreak of tornadoes on Mother’s Day 1988 (May 8th). You can go on and on. May and June are the months where many tornadoes occur in the state of Iowa. A number of them have been historic and a number of them have had fatalities. This blog will go through a number of the historic tornadoes in detail in June including the June 1984 outbreak and the Manson/Algona tornadoes of 1979 and the Jordan F5 tornado of 1976. This post is only days from the 1 year anniversary of the Parkersburg-New Hartford Tornado. The NWS in Des Moines has set up a page to mark the 1 year anniversary along with the storm surveys taken the days after the tornado.

1 Year Anniversary of Parkersburg EF5
NWS Quad Cities Storm Surveys May 25th 2008
Tornado Survey from May 21st 2004
Discussion on the May 15th 1968 Tornadoes from NWS La Crosse